Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cinema Night Hosted By The 13th Floor Art Collective

This just in, The 13th Floor Art Collective will be hosting Cinema Night at Win Within Sangha on Wednesday, February 18th, 2015! This is LA’s only indie film-popcorn-deejay party!
Now in its second year of operation, Win Within Sangha has quickly become a destination for Angelinos looking for conscious community events, amazing showcases, and the latest developments in the fields of technology, health & the arts.
With projects like Broadchester Farm, whose aim is to create “a10609651_10152799320876738_9095115445136359689_n better living environment through community gardening, education & service;” as well as Win Within Sangha’s own, Sangha Light & Sound, which “provides production resources for the conscious community;” a collaboration between the two collectives was inevitable.
The 13th Floor Art Collective consists of a diverse array of musicians. The grunge-punk band Skulrot, hip-hop group Sacred Circuitry, and synthpop duo Future Holotape are just a few of the musicians that have taken the stage with the 13th Floor Art Collective.
Cinema Night with Win Within Sangha is the second collaborative project between the two collectives. The previous collaboration was a focus group, beta test for theLet’s Seed Bomb LA campaign. The project included invited guests from both groups, and concluded with a tour of the surrounding area. Special thanks went to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Chipotle, Sacred Circuitry, Scene N’ Heard, & specialists Paul Grubb and Rachel Kadish.
Gilbert Bernal Art10511251_1584608041768429_4239242475406868478_nIt is no small secret that the 13th Floor Art Collective curates memorable musical showcases, but it also assembles an eclectic blend of artisans that include painters, live performers, and craftspeople. From cigar box portraits to upcycled set designs, the 13th Floor Art Collective is about bringing together artists into collaborative space.
Sangha Cinema Night is just over two weeks away and the busy bee buzz can already be heard, as the cinematographers of the collective are polishing their entries, and more submissions are being received. Unlike previous 13th Floor events, Sangha Cinema Night is an event that is putting the film makers on the forefront, with music videos, documentaries, and more. Needless to say, members like Arthur McDee [Photorgapher, Videographer, & Pro-audio] view this as an event in which people can “support conscious consumerism,” something which  is lacking in the industry. As an open sourced Art collective, the 13th Floor encourages others to create their own art, and even submit their own short films.
If you would you like to receive updates about the event, then RSVP on theSangha Cinema Event Page.
Mark your calendars and wear your dancing shoes, because cinema night is just around the corner! For more information about Win Within Sangha and the 13th Floor Art Collective, including additional projects, and supplemental media, you follow the links provided below.