Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Answering the Call of My Ancestors

Closing Art Reception - RAH Azul 

Join us at Tia Chuchas for a night with RAH Azul as he takes us on a journey into the forgotten lives and ways of our ancestors. RAH Azul will use his paintings, Aztec dancing with danza groups Temachtia Quetzalcoatl, Axolotl, Xochiyaoyotl, song and poetry to share the stories of the beautiful Mexica (Aztec) culture. Bringing all the artistic elements together to explore the mythology and philosophy that was never written in the history books.

Mexica (Aztec) Dance by Temachtia Quetzalcoatl, Axolotl, and Xochiyaoyotl. All Danzantes (Aztec Dancers) are welcomed to join in the opening ceremony beginning at 5:00pm 

Poetry by Poet Laureate Luis J. Rodriguez

Collaboration Performance with: Matthew Vibes

Art Work: RAH Azul

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